Welcome to PAUMARD Solicitors (Attorneys). We are specialised in selling land, properties and real estate for sale in Spain and Portugal. Both for residential and business purposes. If you are interested in buying real estate for sale for foreigners, keep reading.

Real estate for sale in Spain
Real estate for sale in Spain

Whether you are:

  • a private investor,
  • an agricultural or livestock company,
  • an investment fund interested in alternative investments,
  • or a private individual,

And you would want to

invest in real estate for sale in Spain and/or Portugal: land, rustic property, agricultural or livestock exploitation for business or leisure purposes

We have an extense network of acquaintances which let us to offer a wide range of real estate opportunites in Spain and Portugal.

Moreover, as a lawyers, we take care of the legal excution of the investment operation: contracts, negotiation, Registry, document processing…

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    How to purchase and invest in real estate for sale in Spain and Portugal

    Whether the real estate is land, residential, rural land or whaterver, please, do not ask yourself this question henceforth. Since thise point, purchasing properties of all kind in Spain and Portugal based on your needs is our mission. Just send us an email and tell us your target.

    Let us deal with permits, taxes, contracts and contacts.

    Types of real estate assets. Property in Spain and Portugal for sale

    If you are interested in buy property in Spain or Portugal, this is your place.

    We offer a broad portfolio of real estate assets in Spain and Portugal. The assets embraces several economic activities such as:

    Hotels for sale, Industrial buildings, farms, rural land, olive groves, typical farm lands, pastures and meadow called «dehesas» (favourite place of iberian pigs and cows) located in the south of Spain an Portugal.

    And, for sure, all foreigners can buy land in Spain.

    Outcomes products

    As a result of the exploitation of the rural lands the best products of the whole IberianPaeninsula are obtained: Iberian Ham, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), Cheeses (Torta del Casar, 3rd position cheese awards 2019), tonnes of cork, cow meat, premium wines…

    Furthermore, apart from the food, dehesas are one of the best places to birdwatching, hunting, or be relaxed far from the city.

    land in spain for sale
    Iberian ham

    Land in Spain for Sale – Buy land in Portugal

    Currently we can offer land in Spain for sale, dedicated to agricultural and livestock activities, as well as for leisure purposes: farm land, rural land

    All of the properties are more than 100 hectares. In fact, the smallest ranch has 100 hectares. In this way, we have a land with more than 300 hectares, other with more than 900 hectares.

    Just call or email us, and previous Non Disclosure Agreement, you will check the quality of the lands.

    Buy buildings in Spain


    Special interest offers this kind of asset. Madrid is the capital of Spain and the economic motor of Spain. The city has a huge and modern economy, based on services of all econmic sectors: financial and investment services, technology, mining, international trade, law services, etc.

    Therefore our office buildings  in Madrid are aour crown jewels, appart from its high and secured yield. Do not miss the opportunity of being the owner of a business office building in Madrid.

    Residential buildings

    Due to our cooperation with several real estate investment companies we can offer whole buildings for sale in Madrid, South of Spain (Malaga, Fuengirola, Seville…).

    The ideal profitability is to purchase the building to set up a renting business. It is iportant to know that every building we can offer is located in very touristical cities in Spain.

    Hotels for sale in Spain: Andalusia, Madrid, Seville…

    Likewise to the residential buildings, the hotels we have in our portfolio are located in the same cities. They are 3* and 4* hotels.

    It is a very special moment to invest in hotels in Spain.

    Think about real estate in front of the Mediterranean coast, with the sun shining in the sea, simply incredible.

    Industrial buildings

    As a consecuence of the relevant number of clients related to the agricultural and livestock sector, which are in bankruptcy or in a financial stress situation, they are looking for buyers of the properties.

    Buy Buildings in Portugal

    Hotels in Portugal
    Hotels in Portugal

    Hotels for sale in Portugal

    Nowadays, we have in our portfolio 3* to 5* hotels, working and under construction.

    We count on a great variety of hotels for sale in Lisbon, its metropolitan area, and in Algarve.

    The hotel under construction have to be outlined. This is our favourite. It is located in the south of Portugal, with more than 30k sqm built (80% built), more than 7 hectares, and its arquitectonical style is simply fascinating.

    Business park – logistic

    The business park is a logistic area located in the border with Spain. It is great for transport and ecommerce companies.

    Hotel in France

    Recently we have received a new investment opportunity. It is a 5* hotel in the south of France.

    Hotels in Guinea-Bissau

    This is a new asset whereby our Law office has been hired for its selling.

    Land for urban development in Portugal

    Due to our proximity to Portugal we have in our investment portfolio numerous lands for urban development. Mainly residential and hotel constructions. They are located in Lisbon area, Albufeira, Lagos, Quarteira…

    As you can see our assets are varied, therefore, your investment intention will fit with or asset. In order to contact with us and check the interest union, please contact us:


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      You will be interested in those assets if you are:

      • Agricultural company.

      • Livestock company.

      • Food company

        • Specially: beer, olive oil, ham and cow, sheep and pork products.

      • Alternative investment fund.

      • Private investor.

      • Private individual who would want to acquire a large leisure property in the south of Spain or Portugal

      Where do our clients from?

      Specially, for sure you could be interested in investing or acquiring real estate for sale in Spain and Portugal if you are an investor from the next places or located in them:
      In North America: USA (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Dallas, Detroit), Canada (Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto). Those services are dedicated specially to help  americans buying real estate in Spain.
      In EUROPE: UK (London, Edinburgh), Ireland (Dublin), Norway (Oslo), Sweden (sotckholm), Finland (Helsinki), Germany (Franfurkt, Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin), Itali (MilanLuxembourg, Switzerland (Zurich, Geneva, Zug), France (Paris), The Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp), Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Portugal (Lisbon), Austria (Vienna)
      In the Middle East: Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Sharjah and Umm Al Quwain), Saudi Arabia (Riyadh), Qatar (Doha), Bahrein.
      In Asia: China (Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou), Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore,
      In Central America: Mexico (Monterrey, Mexico City)
      In South America: Brazil (Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro),
      In Oceania: Australia (Sydney and Melbourne), New Zealand (Auckland and Wellington).

      If you live in one of those countries, we can provide you with highest services.

      We are very concious about the actual interest shown by people and investors of these countries in real estate and properties (residential, offices, rural land, hotels…) located in Spain and Portugal.

      Therefore, we are committed to provide the client with 100% personalised service related to investment requirements. In this sense we collaborate with the main registered bank entities in Spain.

      Real Estate in Spain and Portugal are opend to investors from all over the world.

      It does not matter, all of you are very well welcome to this great country!.

      Furthermore, where do we have access to real estate/property market?

      We can fulfill your purchasing or investment needs mainly in the south half os Spain and Portugal: Madrid, Malaga, Marbella, Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Cadiz, Lisbon, Algarve region, Extremadura (excellent agricultural and rural lands).

      More over, as we have said, we have in our portfolio real estate for sale in France and Brazil.


      If you are interested in getting a deepest knowledge of our land and real estate assets in Spain and Portugal for sale, feel free to contact us:


      If you speak spanish you can also check our legal services for businesses and real estate legal services.

      Thank you and have a nice day!.